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Neurocast specializes in passive monitoring of people with chronic neurological diseases.

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Who we are

We specialize in passively monitoring patients. We help patients, doctors, and researchers better understand the course and cause of neurodegenerative disorders such as MS, Alzheimer’s, Depression. We believe that much of the data that could tell us something about how you are doing – mentally, physically, or emotionally – is hidden in how we interact with technology.

The challenge

It is virtually impossible to obtain a round picture of a patient with clinical data alone. There is an obvious need to monitor patients in their daily environment, but collecting a consistent flow of Real World Data is a complex matter. People suffering chronic illnesses do not want to be confronted with their illness even more, therefore active measuring often fails.

Our mission

We’ve made it our mission to turn everyday digital interactions into clinically approved outcomes, enabling doctors & researchers to passively measure individual patients performance in daily life. With our technology this can be done completely unobtrusive, with privacy embedded by design and available for everyone to join.

What we can do for you

The Neurocast True Passive Patient monitoring platform can handle a wide variety of research needs. Our technology stack is available out of an ISO27001 Certificated AWS Virtual Private Environment. Ready for use within 48 hours.

Neurocast for Pharma

The Neurocast platform can be used to measure primary and secondary clinical end points within clinical trials. Increasing efficiency and (cost) effectiveness of drug development by passive and monitoring, with easy to deploy technology.

Neurocast for Care & Cure

Data in a Real-World setting enables doctors to actively monitor their patients and proactively act upon status changes. The first step in Telemedicine where doctors visit their patients instead of patients visiting their doctors base on RWE.

Neurocast for Researchers

We have research in our DNA and are well connected with scientists around the globe. As a researcher looking at our technology and with a compelling idea, feel free to drop us a message. We are always looking for new projects.

The Neurocast platform

We believe that much of the data that could tell us something about how you are doing – mentally, physically, or emotionally – is hidden in how we interact with technology. Therefore we’ve made it our mission to turn everyday digital interactions into clinically approved outcomes, enabling physicians & researchers to unobtrusively measure individual patients’ performance in daily life.

We started with the most frequently used device, being the smartphone, meanwhile adding other devices that have become an unseen part of our daily lives, such as computers and smartwatches. Neurocast not only gathers keystroke dynamics data with sensor, Health, and e-PROM data but above all, we develop algorithms that place our Real-World Data into the right context and correlate it with gold standards used by researchers worldwide.

Privacy & security is crucial for patients and, therefore, for us. We don’t collect data that can be traced back to individuals patients. Neurocast is GDPR & HIPAA compliant and ISO 27001 certificated.

Completely unobtrusive . Privacy embedded by design . Available for everyone

Private Cloud Environment

The complete Neurocast technology stack is available in an ISO27001 certificated Virtual Private Cloud environment. This is especially designed for clinical trials and research projects, compliant with the highest security and privacy standards.


We offer our industry and acadamic partners a dedicated instance of the Neurocast software and infrastructure:

Neurokeys Apps

Whitelabel options

Smart Panel ® Technology

Data Science Models

BI Dashboards & tooling

Tailored project website

High patient adherence

We believe that patients shouldn’t even notice that they are constantly measuring themselves. Only then have we succeeded in making our technology truly unobtrusive. That is why we are in constant dialogue with users to learn how we can do better. We are proud that 95% of patients using our technology are still active after their first year.

Highest security standards

73% of patients have valid concerns about privacy & security. It is often unclear what kind of data is used, for what purpose, and with whom it is shared. Safety is of paramount importance at Neurocast. We do not collect data that can be traced back to individual patients, and all data is anonymously stored in a highly secure ISO 27001 certificated and GDRP / HIPAA compliant environment.

Clinically validated technology

To ensure that our Real World Data can be used in a medical environment, we must be continuously working on validation. In addition to our clinical validation studies in collaboration with leading institutes such as Amsterdam UMC, we are always working on implementation validation together with our customers, to ensure that our technology can be integrated quickly.

Neurocast team
Partnerships & Endorsements

Over the past years, Neurocast has worked with a vast network of organizations. Just like us, they are fascinated to discover how new technology can contribute to a better society. Neurocast is a proud member of JLabs, the open innovation network of industry leader Johnson & Johnson.