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Neurocast specializes in passive monitoring of people with chronic neurological diseases.

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Who we are

Neurocast is a MedTech Company, specialized in passive monitoring of people with chronic neurological diseases. We want to help patients, doctors and researchers to better understand the course and cause of chronic disorders such as MS, Alzheimer’s, Migraines, Depressions or ADD/ADHD.

The challenge

With the existing clinical data, it is nearly impossible for the healthcare industry to predict the course of chronic neurological diseases such as MS. To better understand disease progression, patients should also be unobtrusively monitored in their daily live. In other words, Real World Evidence is needed to innovate healthcare.

Our solution

With our App we replace the standard keyboard by our intelligent Neurokeys keyboard. This enables us to passively monitor patients, by analyzing their typing behavior, meanwhile gathering sensor-, Health and e-PROM data. Unobtrusive, privacy guaranteed by design and available to anyone holding a smartphone.

Our customers

The full technology stack is available out of an ISO27001 Certificated AWS Virtual Private Environment. Ready for use within 48 hours.

Neurokeys for Pharma

The Neurokeys App can be used to measure primary and secondary clinical end points within clinical trials. Increasing efficiency and (cost) effectiveness of drug development by passive and monitoring, with easy to deploy technology.

Neurokeys for Care & Cure

Data in a Real-World setting enables doctors to actively monitor their patients and proactively act upon status changes. The first step in Telemedicine where doctors visit their patients instead of patients visiting their doctors base on RWE.

Neurokeys for Researchers

We have research in our DNA and are well connected with scientists around the globe. As a researcher looking at our technology and with a compelling idea, feel free to drop us a message. We are always looking for new projects.

The Neurokeys App

By installing the App, the keyboard on your smartphone is replaced by the intelligent Neurokeys keyboard. Installation only takes a minute. After that, just keep using your smartphone like you always did. Meanwhile you will generate millions of data points ready to be analyzed.

Neurokeys combines keystroke dynamics data with sensor,  Health  and e-PROM data directly your smartphone. The way you type reveals a lot about you. Over 150 features underlie our data science models. We provide insights in mental, physical and social state.

The data is anonymously stored in a secure and ISO 27001 audited AWS environment. We do not store data  that can be directed to individuals.  Access is provided based on patients consent. And needless to say, we look at how you type, not what you type.

Behavioral Measures

The Neurocast Smart Panel ® technology enables researchers to push questions from validated questionnaires to participants in clinical trials. Answering takes less than 1 second and serves as  an easy way to remotely collect Patient Reported Outcome Measures (e-PROM).

Private Cloud Environment

The complete Neurocast technology stack is available in an ISO27001 certificated Virtual Private Cloud environment. This is especially designed for clinical trials and research projects, compliant with the highest security and privacy standards.


We offer our industry and acadamic partners a dedicated instance of the Neurocast software and infrastructure:

Intelligent keyboard

White Label onboarding app

Smart Panel ® Technology

Data Science Models

BI Dashboards & tooling

Tailored project website

Amsterdam UMC

Currently the Neurocast App is medically being validated by the Amsterdam University Medical Center. This is done in a two-year clinical trial following 100 MS patients and a healthy control group of 25 people. First findings are more than promising and scientific papers expected beginning of 2020.

Stanford University

Together with Stanford University, an intervention study is planned among 150 people suffering from progressive MS. The study is due to start the first quarter of 2020. Various end points will be analyzed and the cohort will be monitored in a fully remote setting over a period of several months.

TU Eindhoven

Currently we run various studies to investigate the possibilities of how our technology can be applied best. The TU Eindhoven being one of them. Over a one-week period 150 students were extensively monitored and asked to perform various assignments, generating tremendous amounts of data.

Neurocast team
Partnerships & Endorsements

Over the last two years, Neurocast engaged with a wide network of organizations. Just like us, they are fascinated to discover how new technology can contribute to society. Neurocast is a proud member of JLabs, the open innovation network of industry leader Johnson & Johnson. This activity is managed out of our Boston MA office since January 2020.