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Neurokeys is the e-Health Smartphone keyboard, with which you can simply measure your energy level by typing on your smartphone. Want to know more? visit:

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Who we are

Neurocast is a MedTech Company, specialized in Data Science. We have a passion for innovative concepts based on smart data propositions. Our main objective is to help patients, doctors and researchers to better understand the course and cause of chronic diseases.

The challenge

The challenge for the industry is managing the volatility of these chronic diseases. Doctors and researchers simply lack the tools, which provide them with day-to-day insights into their patients. To better understand disease progression, tools based on Real World Evidence (RWE) are needed.

Our solution

By analyzing typing rhythm, patterns can be detected that might indicate increased or decreased levels of mental fatigue. For example, the number of typos, the typing speed, word length, the number of messages typed per day. These and more complicated features provide insights into patient performance over time.

Neurokeys Pro

With our technology you simply replace the keyboard on your smartphone for the Neurokeys keyboard. The Neurokeys app can be easily installed and will only take a minute. After installing our intelligent keyboard, you don’t have to do anything else, except continue typing as you always did.

Neurokeys combines keystroke dynamics data with sensor data, Health data from your smartphone and various open datasets like wheater data. This enables us for instance to analyse step and staircase counters to provide insights in physical fatigue.

Using Neurokeys is completely anonymous, we do not store information that could direct to individuals. Furthermore we look at how you type, not what you type. Our technology is available as a Pro version for clinical trials and a free version for consumers.

Behavioral Measures

The Neurokeys Pro app also contains our Smart Panel technology. This very unobtrusive system serves validated fatigue questions to users as a Behavioral measure.

Private Cloud Environment

The complete Neurocast technology stack is available in a Virtual Private Cloud environment, specially designed for clinical trials and research projects, compliant with the highest security and privacy standards.

We offer our academic and industry partners a dedicated instance of the Neurocast software and infrastructure environment.

Intelligent keyboard

Accompanying app

Training label system

Datascience infrastructure

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Tailored projects websites

MS Center Amsterdam

The Neurocast App is being medically validated by the VU Medical Center (University of Amsterdam). This is done via a two-year clinical trial following 100 MS patients and a control group of 25 people.

This clinical trial is made possible through grants from the Dutch Government, Stichting MS Research, and industry sponsors.

Stanford University

Together with Stanford University, an intervention study among people suffering from a progressive form of Multiples Sclerosis is being prepared, which is due to start mid-2019.

The study with Stanford will be done in close cooperation with the team at The MS Center, University of Amsterdam.

Free Neurokeys App

The Neurokeys App is the consumer version of Neurocast, available in the public domain. The Neurokeys App can be downloaded for free and provides users insight into their daily mental and physical energy levels.

It is our intention to use the trillions of data points gathered in the Neurokeys environment to hone our med-tech oriented Neurocast Models.

Neurocast team
Partnerships & Endorsements

Over the last two years, Neurocast has engaged with a wide network of organizations. Just like us, they are fascinated to discover how new technology can contribute to society.